“Angela’s work is a very original and intelligent acoustic approach towards Jorge Drexler’s songs. Her convincing and brilliant voice sings to us and tells these songs from a different perspective, and the sound with the trio makes the songs take on a latent resonating and at the same time very dynamic elegance. The song Soledad in duet with Drexler, arranged and played by Pablo Martin is one of the most beautiful songs that I have listened to lately.”

Javier Colina - spanish jazz doublebass player



“To whom it may concern. This work of art contains the following elements: drums: Borja Barreta, a poet on his instrument, in which the lyrical poetry is especially complicated (and I say that with experience). Contrabass and production Pablo Martín, an accomplished musician and gifted with extraordinary taste. Piano and production: Daniel Yacaré, perfect sensitivity and communication. Sound engineer: Jose Luis Crespo. You cannot imagine how enormously indispensable this “piece of machinery” is for the final result. Music and lyrics: Jorge Drexler, whose empathy and intelligence make him produce small beings that take on their own life in the form of songs. And, last, the voice: Ángela Cervantes, whose name, derived from the Greek ANGELOS, means Messenger… This is her role in life, bringing us messages that caress our souls.”

Guillermo McGill - uruguayan/spanish jazz/flamenco drummer



“The first time I saw her sing life, my mouth stood open during the entire concert… I didn’t understand how someone as young could carry all of this inside her. If you close your eyes while she is singing, you can feel how the greatest divas parade on her vocal chords [out of her throat]. Afterwards, when I first listened to her album I almost had a heart attack. I thought: nooo, nobody can sing that well.. singing like that is illegal.”

La Shica - spanish singer/composer



“Recording projects that are as inspiring like the one by the Singer Angela Cervantes, “En esta orilla de Drexler” [On this river side of Drexler] make us believe not only that things are not lost, but that we can see this time a light on the other side of the river. The careful arrangements of the album that Daniel Orazabal and Pablo Martin Caminero were in charge of, are based on these paraphrased lyrics of songwriter Jorge Drexler. Witnessing closely the talent and enthusiasm of people like Cervantes and her great team of musicians has made us forget during this work’s presentation concert at the welcoming gardens of the Mueso del Traje [Garment Museum] in Madrid this long and hard streak that has taken optimism to its near end. Because the music of this project has the quality to change people: it is helpful to make us forgive, to understand that what we see is not truly what we are capable of seeing, to learn to understand the signs that appear in life… It is culture understood as that which cultivates us, like the part that is linked to thinking, to the architecture of the symbolic, to poetry and the expression magnificently passed on through the music and voice of Angela Cervantes. Contrary to negative circumstances the audience didn’t let her down. As part of the series Voces en el Jadin [Voices in the Garden] – an excellent initiative of garden concerts of four state museums organized by the MECD [Department of education, culture and sports] and commissioned by Lo Otro - saw an audience attendance beyond expectations as it was six times bigger than expected. That night we left happy and grateful, smiling in our innermost with the certainty that the bright light of a shiny day will win over gradually the dark night and cold of these times we are living in.”

Celia Lumbreras, academic director of the Advanced Institute of Performing Arts TAI [Escuela de Artes Escénicas TAI] (Madrid). Advisor of cultural projects and strategy. Spanish Association of Cultural Ingeneering [Asociación Española de Ingeniería Cultural-RedAEIC]




"I was dazzled and moved by her voice, her musicality, her art and simplicity. A sweet voice filled with colors from the depth of the soul on the other riverside of Drexler. Ángela Cervantes and her great musicians and artists gave us the gift of an unforgettable night.”

Virginia González Leonhardt, violin player




“Marvelous is the music that reminds us that we have an infinite connection.”

Lerlys Morales, guitar player.






"Those of us that had the privilege to attend the presentation of Angela Cervantes’ album found ourselves enjoying a magnificent night in an ideal setting (at a park with fresh air) and with musicians that made time fly by, not only impressing on us good music making (which they know how to do splendidly), but more importantly and at the same time the most difficult, the passion and sensation that those, who are on stage actually believe in what they are doing. For those of us, who already know her, I would like to point out that Angela sang wonderfully, giving an interpretation filled with nuances, technique and feeling, and that the visible nerves did not ruin one note, but provided the perfect cherry on top of the cake, filling the night with even more emotional and human load. All those attending, headed up by the very songwriter, left with a big smile on their faces.

Alvaro Espinosa, guitar player and singer of the tribute group to Pink Floyd, Pink Tones






“The principal emotion I am left with after attending Angela Cervantes’ concert in the Museo del Traje is that I recovered my faith. Faith in the audience, that there are many that like good music, that there are people out there that know how to organize classy concerts, that there are magical places where to organize them…add to that great musicians playing great songs and one of the loveliest voices on the planet...A perfect night!”

Dani Casielles, contrabass player and singer






“Those genius versions of such a great composer Jorge Drexler are wonderful! Your voice was in my head and even resonating in my own concert. Bravo, girl! It is an honor to count your CD in my collection.”

Deborah J. Carter, jazz singer






“The overflowing and felt passion of Angela Cervantes commands a bouquet filled with synergies.”

Roberto Pacheco, trombone player, composer, music arranger




“A great Singer, very versatyl and elegant."

José Vera, bass player






“Her voice and accent have the warmth of this intricate alchemy game between Mediterranean salt residue and the singing of the pitiusic [from Ibiza] mermaids."

El Gerente Magnífico, JazzAlbacete






“…and Angela Cervantes, who is a prodigy and recorded her part in one sitting. You will see she will go far."

José Manuel Zapata, spanish opera tenor






“Her class and voice on stage are her cover letter for everybody, because the way she sings reflects her character: intimate, grateful, firm and committed."

Cristina Marí, Diario de Ibiza [Ibiza daily newspaper]

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