En esta orilla de Drexler  (Ref.: BOST 010)



“An authentic delight of refinement, ideas, and tenderness… an act of love and at the same time an artistic declaration of artistic principles at its highest level. All of that…with my songs. Congratulations and most importantly: THANK YOU! Jorge Drexler. As a result of her admiration and willpower to render tribute to the master Jorge Drexler, the singer from Ibiza ANGELA CERVANTES presents her debut album "En Esta Orilla De Drexler", in which she fusions the very personal poetic vision of the Uruguayan songwriter with jazz. A delicate, warm and elaborate work carried by a unique voice that breaks with the forms of jazz itself and contemporary popular music, in order to explore a universe of new sensations through the mythical compositions of the bard of Montevideo. An astonishing new interpretation, sober and elegant in its apparent simplicity, benefitting from passion, experience and creative versatility of the exceptional accompanying quartet, composed of Pablo Martín on the contrabass, Daniel Oyarzabal on the piano (also responsible for arrangements and album production) Borja Barrueta on the drums, and Ariel Bringuez on the tenor and soprano saxophone in the live recordings, joined by José Luís Crespo for recording, mixing and production. These are musicians that are capable of revisiting the master’s songs, dressing them in new and sheer clothes, perfectly adjusted to the voice of Ángela Cervantes filled with magic and new textures. Sensitivity and great songs, with all spontaneity and enchantment of one of the most interesting female voices of the emerging national jazz scene. A voice that comes in strong…The singer’s on stage designs are exclusive creations by designer Jose Arroyo.




“Angela’s work is a very original and intelligent acoustic approach towards Jorge Drexler’s songs. Her convincing and brilliant voice sings to us and tells these songs from a different perspective, and the sound with the trio makes the songs take on a latent resonating and at the same time very dynamic elegance. The song Soledad in duet with Drexler, arranged and played by Pablo Martin is one of the most beautiful songs that I have listened to lately.”

Javier Colina


“To whom it may concern. This work of art contains the following elements: drums: Borja Barreta, a poet on his instrument, in which the lyrical poetry is especially complicated (and I say that with experience). Contrabass and production Pablo Martín, an accomplished musician and gifted with extraordinary taste. Piano and production: Daniel Yacaré, perfect sensitivity and communication. Sound engineer: Jose Luis Crespo. You cannot imagine how enormously indispensable this “piece of machinery” is for the final result. Music and lyrics: Jorge Drexler, whose empathy and intelligence make him produce small beings that take on their own life in the form of songs. And, last, the voice: Ángela Cervantes, whose name, derived from the Greek ANGELOS, means Messenger… This is her role in life, bringing us messages that caress our souls.”

Guillermo McGill


“The first time I saw her sing life, my mouth stood open during the entire concert… I didn’t understand how someone as young could carry all of this inside her. If you close your eyes while she is singing, you can feel how the greatest divas parade on her vocal chords [out of her throat]. Afterwards, when I first listened to her album I almost had a heart attack. I thought: nooo, nobody can sing that well.. singing like that is illegal.”

La Shica









Daniel Oyarzabal

Born in Vitoria in 1972. He studies piano, organ, claves and historical instruments in Vitoria, Amsterdam, The Hague and Vienna. Early on he discovers his great passions that he keeps on cultivating presently: Bach’s music and Jazz. In 1991 he was awarded with the Special Price of the Press for National Jazz Music of Young Interpreters [Premio Especial de la Prensa en la Musica Nacional de Jazz para Jóvenes Intérpretes] in Ibiza. In 1998 he is granted the First Price in Jazz Improvisation [Primer Premio deImporvisacion de Jazz] during the International Music Competition in Rome (both prices were granted together with Pablo Martín), and in 2002 he is given the Third Price at the XIX International Competition of Nijmegen (Netherlands).





Pablo Martín

Pablo graduated in contrabass in Vienna, which gave him not only the opportunity to study with magnificent musicians but also to play with Mariachi, Brazilian, Latin and even Flamenco ensembles, music styles that are very successful in that area. Ever since, he continuously shares the stage with a diverse array of musicians like Gerardo Nùñez, María Joao Pires, Perico Sambeat, Chano Domínguez, Abe Rábade, Niño Josele, Carmen Linares and many more. Presently, he is a member of the BandArt Orchestra directed by Gordan Nikolic, Ultra High Flamenco, Abe Rábade Trío, and Hippocampus. Pablo just launched his first DVD as lead with his group Quinteto, playing together with Perico Sambeat, Toni Belenguer, Abe Rábade y Borja Barrueta. Pablo is a musician regularly seen in the Jazz and Flamenco scene, who also produces and does music for cinema.



Borja Barrueta

A, basically, self-taught drummer, he takes classes in his beginnings with Adolfo Garcia and Victor Celada. In Barcelona he joins the Taller de Musics [Music Workshop] before moving to Madrid, where he starts playing and recording with musicians like Jorge Drexler, Carmen Paris, Malcolm Scarpa and Susana Vacas. In 2003 he travels to New York to take classes with Ari Hoenig, Airto Moreira and Cyro Batista. He shares the stage with Joe Lovano, Niño Josele, Perico Sambeat, Jorge Pardo, Javier Colina, Ara Malikian, Concha Buika, Javier Ruibal. He took part in soundtracks of movies and albums, among others “Doce segundos de seguridad” [Twelve seconds of darkness] (Jorge Drexler) that was awarded best album in the XI season of the Premios de Musica [Music Awards] and also nominated for the Grammy (USA) in 2008, and “Sirimusa” Jose Manuel Leon), awarded with the Flamenco CD Revelation prize.



Ariel Brínguez (Guest artist)

Saxophonist, professor, composer and arranger, graduated by the Universidad de las Artes de La Habana (Cuba).

In 2004 and 2005, he was the first young musician in Cuba winning the JoJazz Award in composition and interpretation, consecutively.

He has been a part of the famous Latin Jazz band Maraca y otra Vision, directed by the Flute player Orlando Valle, with which, for four years, he participated in important Jazz Festivals as the Marciac Jazz festival in France, the Aspen Jazz Festival in the US and at important clubs like New Morning in Paris or the Yoshi ́s club in California. In 2007 he recorded his first album Raíces en Colores with the label Colibrí. In 2004 and 2005 he won the first Price of the JoJazz International Contest in the category of interpretation and composition respectively.

He has been a member of the Latin Big Band of the North American musician David Murray and toured all around Europe and recorded a live album in the Blue Note Club of Milano that will be released by the label JustinTime.



José Luís Crespo

Born in Madrid, he studies at the Universidad Politécnica and offers a vast experience as sound, mixing and mastering engineer of great artists like Ana Belen, Antonio Orozco, Bebe, Bebo Valdes, Compay Segundo, Ismael Serrano, Joan Manuel Serrat, Luz Casal and Victor Manuel among many others. He has participated in projects of well-known movie directors like Pedro Almodovar.