Camino a Santa Clara …por 50 años más con Los Fakires



“Without limits to the encounters, “Camino a Santa Clara - ... to 50 more years with Los Fakires” is a collection that discerns the most conciliatory sounds of the Cuban troubadourian heritage and contemporaneity. The sounds are absorbed through interpretations of a new generation that incorporates mystified identities in a fruitful rendezvous of tradition and postmodernism. Interpretations that make son, guaracha, flamenco, jazz and so many other ways of expressing illustrious themes of so significant composers and singer-songwriters like Adolfo Guzman, Maria Teresa Vera, Marta Valdes and Cesar Portillo de la Luz, shine in unusual ways. These interpretations rendered by the voice of Angela Cervantes acquire the exquisite style comprised by the referential talents of Elena Burke, Celeste Mendoza, Bola de Nieve, Jose Antonio Vera, and La Fredy among others. This compendium of known songs, transcends as it is taken on from a new perspective, in which the juxtaposition of the unequal textures compete throughout the entire experience in which it was created. This is fruit of the unity of the ensemble with Los Fakires, the singer from Ibiza and guests like Maikel Elizarde; tres player, contrabass player Gaston Jova, and Ariel Bringuez, saxophone player and an accomplice in the music management of this project. Special guests like Danays Bautista, Gladston Galliza, Ruben Aguiar and others decide to join the experience for this reason.

Taking on all these great musicians brings the challenge to be able to transgress the boundaries of the archaic and the purely innovative.

“Camino Santa Clara - 50 more years with Los Fakires” turns in to a journey filled with magical moments. Being a part of it breaks with spatial and time limits that could exist through the great interpreting differences that do not mark multiple linearities but a commitment to music itself.”


Myrelis Bringuez - musicologist


“Camino a Santa Clara – to 50 years to come with Los Fakires”

Chucho Valdés, winner of ve GRAMMY® and three Latin GRAMMY® Awards, cuban pianist, composer and arranger says about Ángela’s album:

"Santa Clara has always been a land of great musicians and a historic cultural movement. I've collaborated with some great musicians in my band Irakere, such as Enrique Plá, José Luis Cortés, Carlos Alvarez, Manuel Machado to mention a few... During the 70s I listened to a band called Los Fakires, with the genuine Pucho Lopez, as well as the era of Juan José Bringuez, and I was very impressed with the originality of those musicians. Now Ariel Bringuez, his grandfather Juan José, and the singer Ángela Cervantes are presenting this magni cent work of art.

After listening to this CD I realized that Cuban music is in good shape. is is a fresh, original, traditional, and at the same time contemporary work, respectful of the roots of its origin.

e arrangements, the solos and especially the vocalist Ángela Cervantes are marvelous. It is a Cuban outlook on the XXI century. at is why I recommend listening to this material that is the prelude to a new path."

Chucho Valdés 

In her second record Angela Cervantes sets out on a journey following the legacy of the poets of the Vieja Trova Cubana to the center of the Cuban island. Her expedition also takes her to the sublime rendezvous of Masters that represent the musical Cuban tradition, and who have been devoted ambassadors of this beautiful music for the last 50 years: Los Fakires.

The singer from Ibiza brings together the fakirian veterans with young talent from the same Carribean island: Maikel Elizarde, cuban tres player [guitar-like three-course chordophone], who can be seen on stage with singer-a Silvio Rodriguez. The contrabass player Gaston Joya, who plays in bands with artists like Omara Portuondo or Chucho Valdes, and Ariel Bringuez, saxophone player appearing in projects with Javier Colina and who recently became an integral part of the group “Irakere 40” with Chucho Valdes...

Special guests like Danays Bautista and Gladston Galliza also join this project.