Born in Ibiza, Angela started her musical apprenticeship in classical chorale ( Cor Ciutat d’Evissa), singing and piano on the island.

In 1999 she moved to Barcelona to study in the Hall of Modern Music and Jazz, and at the same time, studying interpretation, dance and body alignment.


She continues her musical training with Masters like: Deborah J. Carter, Carme Canela, Raquel Lojendio, Ivana Kotov, Shamanka Phoenix, Emmanuel Djob, Federico Rey, Pat Metheny, Perico Sambeat, Sheila Jordan, Paul Farrington, Bernardo Sassetti ...

Member of the gospel group / world music "The Black & White Xperience" (Montpellier, France), directed by Emmanuel Djob (Cameroon). Between 2001 and 2004 they toured Europe ( "Princes Grace Theatre" Monaco, "Theatre La Comedie" of Montpellier, "Filmore Club" in Cortemagiore, Italy, "Zenith" Toulousse Festival Tavagna in Corsica Jazz Festival Sitges (Catalonia, Spain), among others).

In late 2005 she moved to Madrid.

Member of the Antonio Najarro Dance Company, current Director of the National Ballet of Spain BNE, in the show "Jazzing Flamenco", with which she toured France, Canada, Turkey, Germany, Oman, Israel, Algeria and Cyprus, among others countries.


She was in charge of the vocal musical direction of  the spanish musical "Cruce de Vías ", with which she toured throughout Spain.

She has taught numerous courses of voice and diction  in schools of sound and image (CES Madrid) for students of dubbing and radio, and has been a teacher at the High School of Performing Arts TAI (

* In May 2016 she presents her third album called "Camino a Santa Clara ... Por 50 años más con Los Fakires", published under the Cezanne Productions label, where Angela travels to the center of the island of Cuba, to record with the legendary band of the old Cuban trova, Los Fakires, who in 2014 celebrated its 50th anniversary as training.

The pianist and composer, founder of the band Irakere and nine times awarded by the Academy of the Grammys, says about Angela’s work with Los Fakires:

"Santa Clara has always been a land of great musicians and a historic cultural movement. I've collaborated with some great musicians in my band Irakere, such as Enrique Plá, José Luis Cortés, Carlos Alvarez, Manuel Machado to mention a few... During the 70s I listened to a band called Los Fakires, with the genuine Pucho Lopez, as well as the era of Juan José Bringuez, and I was very impressed with the originality of those musicians. Now Ariel Bringuez, his grandfather Juan José, and the singer Ángela Cervantes are presenting this magnificent work of art.

After listening to this CD I realized that Cuban music is in good shape. This is a fresh, original, traditional, and at the same time contemporary work, respectful of the roots of its origin.

The arrangements, the solos and especially the vocalist Ángela Cervantes are marvelous. It is a Cuban outlook on the XXI century. That is why I recommend listening to this material that is the prelude to a new path."


In 2012, Angela presented her debut album, "En esta Orilla de Drexler", so did it in the Ibiza Jazz Festival, her homeland.

In November of the same year she participates in the first "Music Festival" Teatro Municipal de San Juan (Argentina), sharing the stage and collaborating with the famous Argentine folklore group Aca Seca. Also she presents the project at the Samsung Room of Buenos Aires.

In Madrid, the presentation was in the Gardens of the Museum of Costume, in the cycle "Voces en el Jardín".

Angela revisits the music of the Uruguayan singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler, fusing it with the jazz trio made up; Pablo Martín-Caminero (production, bass and arrangements), Daniel Oyarzabal (production, piano, Rhodes and arrangements), Borja Barrueta (drums) and Jose Luis Crespo (sound mixing, mastering and production).

Jorge Drexler himself is working on the album, singing a duet with Angela.


The album was Select in the 3rd edition of Popular Music State Circuit GPS (Girando Por Salas ) for the promotion of music and emerging artists, promoted by the Institute of Performing Arts and Music of Spain INAEM and the MECD.

In 2014, in a duo with the spanish guitarist Chema Saiz, she released her second album, "Recordando Ella Fitzgerald y Joe Pass", edited and produced by Blue Music.


Since 2010, member of the group Pink Tones (, Spanish band Pink Floyd taxed, and in which she plays alongside the spanish singer Cris Lopez, the legendary piece "The Great Gig in the Sky" , of "the Dark Side of the Moon" album.

In 2013, the musical director of the British band Brit Floyd (, one of the most important Londoners Pink Floyd tribute bands, sees her performance in networks, and proposes to join her cast and interpreting her spectacular virtuoso solo. It is in October 2013 when Angela becomes part of this great band of great international prestige.

Guest artist at:

- “Mejor que el Silencio”, by Nach Dúo (“Si yo fuera”).


- ”Tango Mano a Mano”, by José Manuel Zapata (“El día que me quieras”).


- “Ressonadors” (“Sa Serena Cau Menuda”).


- “Amar la Trama” by Jorge Drexler (chorus in  “Una canción me trajo hasta aquí”)


- “María Toledo” by the spanish singer María Toledo.


- “Experience” de Ariel Bringuez (solo and lyricist on "Beatles - Experience" and choirs in      "Lazaro Ros Experience" and "Bob Marley Experience").

- "La espiral Amarilla" by the pianist Marta Sánchez ("Ambrosía").


- "Medium" by the bassist Martín Leiton ("Buenos Aires").


- "Tiempos de búsqueda"  by the saxophonist Iñaki Arakistain ( "Funky For Grover").


- “The Streets of New Orleans”, gospel group from Barcelona, ​​Lord's Messengers.


- “The Miracle of Life”  and “Remember”  by the Cameroonian artist, Emmanuel Djob.


Own discography:


-  “En esta orilla de Drexler” (Bost Espacio Creativo - 2012),

-  “Recordando a Ella Fizgerald & Joe Pass” (Youkali - 2014)

“Camino a Santa Clara … Por 50 años más con Los Fakires” (Cezzane Producciones 2016)